My mom just told me some great advice for life…she said that when i get married because the men like to undo the bra she said to wear a bra without a hook in the back just to confuse the heck out of them … #LETMEIN!!! :)

Ima share with u guys the story of how i found out the Easterbunny is not real….
My mom used to be the Easterbunny at walmart like the one that u sit on her lap and take a picture…any way one day i went to go to the bathroom at walmart and i saw the easterbunny go in before…later my mom came out of the same stall the bunny had just gone into

I just skipped ahead to the authors note in the back to try and figure out what happens in the end (cause im a cheater XD )… And one of the very first sentences is “unless you havent finished reading it and are skipping ahead in which case you should go back and read everything In order and not try to find out what happens ,you sneaky little sneakster”… John Green told me what to do!!!… Of course…who else would talk to the readers of his books like a strange nerdfighter father XD

She is so cute